Electrical Engineering – Industrial Advisory Board

The Electrical Engineering Program has an Industrial Advisory Board composed by practitioner electrical engineers with recognized professional and academic experience. The Program Assessment Committee and the Industrial Advisory Board meet every year or as often as necessary, but have also continuous contact through informal meetings and electronic mail. The last two official meetings were held in years 2018 and 2019.

The Industrial Advisory Board provides to the Program recommendations and advice on:

  • Program mission and vision statements.
  • Pertinence, sufficiency and applicability of Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes.
  • Market and workplace trends and opportunities.
  • Future directions of the Program.
  • Student performance feedback.
  • Potential curriculum modifications.
  • Program and university facilities and services.

The current Board consists of the following members:

  • MSc. Eng. Eduardo Antunez de Mayolo
    Planning Director
    Electrical System Operation Committee COES
    Committee assigning electrical generation quotas to generation companies for optimizing the operation of the national interconnected electrical system
  • Eng. Amilcar Bedoya
    General Manager
    Manufacturer of electric motors
  • Eng. Dulio Ayaipoma
    General Manager
    Project developer company on electricity, construction and transportation fields.
  • MSc. Eng. Carlos Gonzales
    General manager
    Electricity development company