Computer Science – Industrial Advisory Board

The Computer Science Program has an Industry Advisory Board composed by practitioner computer scientists and engineers with recognized professional experience in the fields of computer science. The Program Assessment Committee and the Industry Advisory Board meet every year or as often as necessary, but also have continuous contact through informal meetings and electronic mail. The last two official meetings were held in years 2018 and 2019.

The Industrial Advisory Board provides to the Program recommendations and advice on:

  • Program mission and vision statements.
  • Pertinence, sufficiency and applicability of Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes.
  • Market and workplace trends and opportunities.
  • Future directions of the Program.
  • Student performance feedback.
  • Potential curriculum modifications.
  • Program and university facilities and services.

The current Board consists of the following members:

  • Manuel Rosado, PhD, CS
    Network Security Specialist
    IBM of Peru
    Networks and business operating software developer company
  • Alejandro Zurita, PhD, PE
    Information Systems Engineer
    Mobile Banking Applications Office
    Credit Bank of Peru
  • Joseph Dolorier, MSc, PE
    Data Analysis and Modeling Office
    Institute of Mathematics and Related Sciences IMCA
    Main mathematics research institution in the country
  • Jesus Bourbon, MSc, CS
    Telecommunications Coding Development Researcher
    National Institute of Research and Training in Telecommunications.
  • Pedro Alcazar, MSc, CS
    Medical Image Processing Unit
    National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases