Mechatronics Engineering – CEDIM Chapter

CEDIM – Student Association for Research in Mechatronics Engineering

CEDIM brings together students from Mechatronics Engineering Program for providing support for developing research projects and writing papers to be presented in conferences and contests.

CEDIM looks for advisors of projects (a faculty member or a senior student) for supporting and orienting the research team. Also, CEDIM intercedes with College authorities asking for support for the research project, as well as support for covering travel expenses for participating in conferences and contests.

CEDIM has more than 12 years of existence and more than 100 enrollees, its executive board is composed by 5 students elected for the period of 1 year. It also organizes conferences, technical visits, cultural activities, and provides academic and non-academic orientation to students.

CEDIM has assigned a place on the second floor of Pavilion A2. Students of other Programs (Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical-Electrical Engineering, Naval Engineering) are also welcomed to CEDIM.