Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering – Student Projects

Senior Design Projects

Exploration and Exploitation Project. Esmeralda Petroleum Area in Northwestern Peru.    Download Download
Design of Infill Drilling System in Lot X, Central Area, Amazon Forest    Download Download
Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis of Exploration, Exploitation and Transport of Gas Hydrocarbons from Wells in the Amazon Jungle  Download Download

Student Projects

Design of Oil-Gas Separators – From Hydrocarbon Stream   Download Download
 Analysis and Design of Well Deliverability Tests  Download Download
 Analysis and Adjustment of Models of Well Production Decline for Oil Reserve Estimation in the Amazon Region  Download Download
 Analysis of Maximum Stable Rate and Chokes Resolve of Oil Wells  Download Download
 Analysis of Well Loss Ratio and Decline Curves   Download Download
Proposal of a Dynamic Model for the Forecast of Oil Price Using Neural Networks  Download Download
Use of Excel Worksheet for the Selection of an Electro-Submersible Pump   Download Download
Indicators and Indexes in the Management of Reserves of Petroleum and Natural Gas   Download Download