Mechatronics Engineering – Student Projects

Capstone Projects

 Design and Implementation of an Explosive Deactivator Robot Based on the Vanguard MK2 model  Download Download
 Design and Implementation of a Quadruped Mobile Robot with Computational Vision for the Exploration of Inaccessible Sites  Download Download

Student Projects

 Design and Implementation of a Mobile Robot for the Transport of Objects Inside an Industrial Warehouse  Download Download
 Design and Implementation of an Educational Prototype for the Analysis of Mobile Robot Path Planning   Download Download
Design and Implementation of an Electronic Board for Building Access Control  Download Download
Exploration and Search of Toxic Gases in Underground Mining Environments using Autonomous Robotics Technology Based on SLAM Algorithm and Navigation  Download Download
 Low Power Wind Turbine for Electricity Generation to Be Used in Rural Areas (San Juan De Lurigancho District)   Download Download
 Remote Vision System of an Explosive Deactivator Robot  Download Download
 Robot for Relief – ASME Competition  Download Download
 Virtual Reality Environment for Teaching and Training of Industrial Operations (Assembly of Mechanical Components)  Download Download