Geological Engineering – Student Projects

Capstone Projects

Auriferous Placer Sampling and DimensioningCaychive River Area  Download Download
Design of a Slope Stabilization System for a Trawling Hill  Download Download
Geotechnical Analysis of Rocky Solids in the Hills Surrounding National University of Engineering  Download Download

Student Projects

Analysis of Geological Risk Affecting the City of Toquepala, Southern Peru  Download Download
Application of regional Metallogenic Analysis in Mineral Exploration. Asia Continent Case  Download Download
Geotechnical Stability Analysis of San Francisco Tunnel  Download Download
Slope Stability Analysis of a sector of San Cristobal Hills  Download Download
Analysis of Mineral Optical Properties Through Light Interference in Crystalline Media  Download Download
Analysis of Ore Vein Texture-Mineralogical Aspects  Download Download
Application of Quartz Piezo-Electric Properties  Download Download
Geological Analysis of Cretacic Rocks in the Occidental Border of Casma Basin  Download Download
Mineralogical Characterization of the Intrusive of the San Antonio Valley – Petrography and Mineralogy  Download Download
Multi-Element Spectrum of Dumortierita and its Geochemical Implications  Download Download
Petrographic Analysis of the Presence of Dumortierita Cuchicalle Hills  Download Download