Ingeniería de Minas – Proyectos del Estudiante

Capstone Projects

 Analysis of Characteristic Grades, Daily Production Capacity, and Maximum Limits of Exploitability of Existing Mineral Resources in a Mining Plant  Download Download
Reducing Mining Operations Costs by Optimizing Electric Energy Consumption  Download Download
Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis for the Selection of Tailing Deposits  Download Download
Technical and Economic Risk Analysis in Mining Operations  Download Download

Student Projects

 Anaerobic Bioreactors for the Passive Treatment of Acid Drainage in Mine Sites  Download Download
 Analysis of structural Properties of Aluminum Nitride Through X-Ray Diffraction  Download Download
 Analysis of the Profitability of a Mining Plant Using the Theory of Mining Reconciliation  Download Download
Application of Comminution Theory for Analyzing Linear Underground Works Through Cylindrical Cuts  Download Download
Computer Graphic Interface for Simulating Ore Transport in Mining Operations Using General Purpose Simulation System GPSS  Download Download
 Technical and Economic Criteria for the Selection of Tailing Deposits  Download Download
Treatment of Mining Sewage Using the Stirling Machine  Download Download